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If you are an Instructor or Personal Fitness Trainer wishing to expand your knowledge in the field of Clinical Nutrition or want to specialise in supporting a client to choose a more balanced diet, then this short course could be exactly what you are looking for. This unique REPs accredited Clinical Nutrition course is designed to offer you the most practical, effective and up to date approach to working with your clients to enhance their wellbeing through nutrition. The literature review provided is also essential reading for other health professionals to consolidate their understanding of nutrition and chronic disease. The tutorial day provides an opportunity to further develop skills and knowledge.

Understanding the background of nutrition for the prevention of chronic disease is essential for reducing the risk lifestyle disease. This course blends an academic evidence base about how food and nutrients affect the risk of lifestyle diseases with a simple and practical application. Essential for anyone working on an Exercise Referral scheme. The course is written and developed by a highly experienced Registered Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian, its evidenced based conclusions are straightforward clear and remit specific.

Clinical Nutrition Course Format:

20 hours pre course reading, followed by 1 day attendance (8 hours)

The course will cover the following conditions:

Clinical Nutrition conditions covered:
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Dyslipidaemia
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Gastrointestinal health
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Menopause
Clinical Nutrition Course Content:
  • Living with a long term disease
  • The National Diet and Nutrition survey, what people are really eating
  • The diet of Minority Ethnic Groups
  • The conditions
  • Working with clients
  • The Eatwell plate, how to apply it
  • Helping a client choose their balanced diet
  • How to promote diets to help prevent a particular conditions

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Insanity Workouts at Discovery Learning UK

Insanity workouts have become extremely popular with trainers and gym-goers alike, offering an intensive workout that produces dramatic results. If you’re keen to incorporate the Insanity workout into your training, or would like to know more about this innovative fitness programme, here are a few facts about the Insanity programme and some tips for including it in your training regimen.

What is an Insanity workout?

As you probably guessed from the name, Insanity workouts are intensive, high-energy workouts that are designed to produce great fitness results within several weeks. The workout was first created for Beachbody™ by the well-known trainer and presenter Shaun T, who designed the programme to yield results within just 60 days.

The Insanity workout uses intensive interval training with very short water breaks in-between sets. Cardio, strength training, and endurance components are all included in the workout. The programme is designed to raise the fitness level of anyone who uses it by pushing each user to his or her maximum exertion level during the 40 to 45 minute workouts.

Does it produce results?

The popularity of Insanity workouts, as well as testimonies and online reviews, provide many examples of regular gym-goers who experienced significant improvements in fitness and weight loss using the programme. The intensity of the workout means that more calories are burned during each session than would normally be burned using a traditional gym routine, making the Insanity programme a challenging but effective fitness tool.

Using Insanity Workouts in Your Training

Insanity workouts can provide excellent results for committed clients with some gym experience who are keen to take their fitness to the next level. If you’d like to incorporate the system into your training, make sure that you’ve gone through the programme yourself, and bear in mind that clients with low levels of fitness or health problems are probably not good candidates for this type of intensive training.

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Functional Training vs. Traditional Training – Discovery Learning

Functional Training vs. Traditional Training

Functional Training experts believe that their method is better than traditional strength training because it emphasises movements which are used in daily life, strengthening the muscles we are likely to use in our day-to-day activities and preventing injuries while toning the body.

They also believe that traditional gym equipment may be harmful to the body in the long-term because of the use of heavy weights combined with the unnatural positions some machines force the body into.

Traditional gym trainers, particularly weightlifters, have come to the defence of their methods, with the pages of many fitness magazines filled with back-and-forward arguments between the two camps.

Traditional trainers believe that their methods help to build strength, stamina, endurance, and muscle tone which will assist every gym-goer in his or her daily activities. They also believe that the constant resistance offered by gym equipment is better and safer than using Swiss balls and other equipment favoured by Functional Training experts.
Is Functional Training More Effective?

Whatever your thoughts on Functional Training, it has to be admitted that training the body in a natural way provides several benefits, including flexibility and less chance of injury. A balanced approach would involve blending traditional training and Functional Training in a weekly workout, to benefit from the advantages of both systems.

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Armed Force Opportunities at Discovery Learning

Discovery Learning is delighted to announce that we are an approved fitness training provider registered with the Enhanced Learning Credits funding scheme aswell as the Career Transition Partnership. We are the leading supplier of fitness and Personal Training Courses to the military and our programmes offer the very best of value and quality.

If you are currently in the military, or have been in the past, Discovery Learning can help you further your training and education with a range of military resettlement courses relating to the health and fitness industry. We will then continue to support your journey towards a successful career in the health and fitness industry.

We understand the unique conditions associated with life in the military, and offer the most flexible approach to learning. We offer full time courses at a number of bases around the UK and can arrange assistance in finding accommodation near to any of our venues.

Our West London Academy is a recently refurbished training and education facility with two dedicated classrooms along with our own private gym for students. This venue lies only 5.4 miles from RAF Northolt which would offer an ideal MOD base for Service Leavers.
Our Bournemouth Academy is situated minutes from the beach, and we can include a fantastic accommodation package here if required.
Our Manchester Academy is located within David LLoyd Cheadle, a fantastic venue, with a dedicated classroom and high quality gym equipment. All of our venues have outstanding tutors.

We also offer part time courses which involve a certain amount of home study backed up by several practical tutorial days led by top tutors in the industry. In addition, exclusively for the military, we offer the ability to transfer course dates free of charge if the need arises. Discovery Learning also have very strong links into employers and we have a 100% placement of our graduates into top Personal Training clubs.

The health and fitness industry offers a wealth of opportunity for ex military personnel. Once qualified, Discovery Learning will support you in finding a job using our close links with the UK’s leading fitness companies. As a National Skills Academy Centre of Excellence, our graduates are highly respected in the industry. All of our courses have had approval from the top awarding bodies (CYQ and Active IQ) and all credit you with a minimum of 20 credits on the Register of Exercise Professionals.

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Insurance for Fitness Trainer and Personal Trainers

For newly qualified fitness professionals getting started can be a daunting prospect, and if you are thinking of working freelance then we recommend that the first thing you do is to invest in an appropriate professional insurance policy. For this to happen, it is almost certain that you have a recognised gym or fitness instructor qualification.

Insure4Sport Insuranceinsure4sport small

Discovery Learning has partnered with the UK’s No.1 provider of specialist sports insurance, insure4sport ( to offer all newly qualified Fitness Professionals 4-weeks FREE insurance covering £5m Public Liability and £1m Professional indemnity.
All Fitness Professionals need to be protected by a specialist insurance policy to provide protection should the worst happen. As a Discovery Learning student you can now benefit from this FREE insurance which also covers you for 48 other sports and activities!

Special Offer

Following your 4-week FREE insurance there is no obligation to continue, but should you wish to purchase an annual policy you will also benefit from a 10% discount.
To activate your FREE 4-week insurance cover simply click the following link and fill in your details –

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Full Time Personal Training Course at Discovery Learning

Completing a full time personal trainer course with discovery learning will set you up for your future career in the fitness industry. The course starts at the very beginning and qualifies you in Gym Instruction, Personal Training plus your unique chosen pathway. The qualifications are recognised worldwide and are highly respected within the industry. You will also be entitled to a professionally designed website, discount on exercise equipment, 4 weeks free insurance plus an extra discount if you continue the insurance and we have many strong links with employers should you want help finding work once graduated.

The full time personal training course is a very competitive price and is payable over 11 months. The course can be completed on a full time basis that comprises Monday to Friday learning, this takes only 6 weeks to complete. For those unable to study full time we do also have a part time option available which takes the form of distance learning and attendance weekends.

Full Time Personal Trainer Certificate Course Content:

The full time personal trainer option is highly appropriate for those wishing to study in an environment that will immerses them  in subject matter alongside other people with a like mindset in an intensive and highly supportive learning environment.  The Full Time Personal Trainer Certificate provides all of the foundation qualifications required to enter the fitness indusrty and the register of exercise professionals REP’s at level 3 and the YMCA qualification is the gold standard in the UK and overseas. The course consists of Level 2 Gym Instructor and Level 3 Personal Trainer components and takes only 5 weeks to complete studying 9.00 – 5.00 Monday to Friday.

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Level 2 CYQ Full Time Gym Instructor – Discovery

Full Time Gym Instructor Course Content:

This Central YMCA full time Gym Instructor Course (Level 2 Fitness Instructor courses) is the quickest possible route to qualification in the UK.  No other provider offers an 8 day intesnive course and we can guarantee that we do not compromise on quality.  As an intensive course you will be expected to eat, breath and sleep like a gym instructor and you will be with a group of like minded people in a highly motivational environment. The tutors that will be working with you are the best in the industry and are renowned for their expertise and teaching ability. There really is no better way to undertake this course and on successful completion you will be eligible for REP’s level 2 status and ready to start working in a gym.

The course will be fun and relaxed but at the same time offer a professional and stimulating learning environment. Tutors are with you for any question or to support and encourage your particular learning style.  This fitness instructor training course will also prepare you for onward progression to becomming a personal trainer should you wish to pursue this career route.This Certificate in Fitness Instructing Course (Gym Instructor Courses) will develop students to a competent and confident level to plan and instruct gym exercise programmes within a gym environment, covering subjects including:

  • Anatomy & physiology
  • Kinesiology (how the body moves)
  • Warm ups, dynamic stretching, cool downs and developmental stretching
  • Develop a key understanding of the programming principles
  • How to use functional and innovative gym equipment
  • The use of cardiovascular equipment and the promotion of physical activity
  • Introduction to core and functional training
  • Effective customer care and promoting physical activity

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