Level 4 Lower Back Pain Course – Discovery Learning

This REPs Level 4 Management of Lower Back Pain Course is a high level qualification that provides the key skills, knowledge and pathway to becoming a REPs Specialist Exercise Instructor. This course is a REPs Level 4 Lower Back Pain qualification and is supported by leading industry experts in the lower back pain management. The Lower Back Pain Management Qualification is particularly aimed at personal trainers and GP and Exercise Referral Specialists seeking to work with special populations with lower back pain in both preventative and rehabilitative exercise therapies.  Nontheless very many Personal Trainers will have come across clients that have chronic low back pain and this course will provide the foundations to be able to assist those singificant numbers of people in the population that are affected with low back pain.

Course Content
    • Epidemiology of Back Pain: – including: the prevalence of lower back pain in the UK and the effect of activity and inactivity on Lower Back Pain, the classification of low back pain and the psychosocial components of low back pain.
    • Anatomy and physiology of Lower Back Pain: including the structure of the lumbar spine and vertebrae; the local and global muscles of the lower Back; the passive and active Sub systems and understanding pain.
    • Exercise referral processes and communication skills – including: understanding the referral process, relevant medico-legal requirements, understanding scope of practice and communicating skills.
    • Assessment and screening – including: collecting client infomation; client assessments; understanding the precautions and contraindications, psychosocial assessment and functional/physical assessment.
  • Programme design – including: what are the progressive programme design considerations; how to provide psychosocial support, establishing and monitoring exercise quotas and intensity.
Course Format:
  • 4 weeks home-study followed by:
  • 2 days practical attendance workshop
  • 1 day assessment
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