REPs Indoor Cycling Instructor Course at Discovery Learning

This Indoor Cycling Instructor (Spinning) course is offered to existing gym instructors, aerobics instructor and personal trainers who wish to improve their knowledge and skills to enable them to deliver Group Indoor Cycling sessions. It is also relevant for those already running such sessions without a current certificate.  Indoor cycling (often referred to as spinning) is a popular and highly enjoyable flexible exercise system, that is open to most people irrespective of age, ability or fitness level.

The beauty of Indoor cycling is that it can be enjoyed by almost all people.  For those in pursuit of out and out fitness spinning can be used as a highly motivational group activity where endurance programmes and high intensity workouts can lead to great results.  On the other hand, indoor cycling may be used for gentle rehabilitation work in a group setting to enable people of all abilities to work together and to realise the benefits and social aspect of group workouts and this approach also works well in a weight management and obesity setting. In summary, having a REP’s certificate in Indoor Cycling (Spinning) will significantly enhance your repertoire of exercise options.

Indoor Cycling Instructor Course Content:

The course will develop students into a competent and confident instructor that’s able to plan and instruct indoor cycling based group sessions.

The course covers subjects including:
  • How to plan, teach and evaluate a safe and effective group indoor cycling session
  • Appropriate health & safety considerations related to setting up an indoor cycling class
  • Programming principles for personal trainers (including special populations and different environments)
  • Indoor Cycling approaches & techniques
  • How to set up an indoor cycling class and effective use of music.

Find out details of the instructor course here

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