Freelance personal trainer – Discovery Learning

  • Run your own business and work your own hours usually based at a club (this model applies to around 90% of new PT positions)
  • Access to gym members. You may be asked to carry out gym inductions and take group classes such as spinning
  • If you freelance in a gym charges are often fixed for personal training sessions, but the money is all yours
  • You will pay a monthly gym rent which varies club to club and by location – the more affluent the club, the more the rent – but the higher earning potential
  • You are responsible for your own taxes and financial affiars
  • You will be responsible for recruiting your own clients and marketing yourself. Clubs will try to help but ultimately it is down to you
  • There is high earning potential as you can work as many hours as you like
  • You can use the time flexibly in order to set up your own more lucrative activities away from the gym

If you are contemplating a career in fitness, consider this last point – do you like working with people? This may sound obvious but we hear time and time again from people in the industry that failed as personal trainers becuase their personalities were not suited to working with other people. Because essentially working in fitness is all about meeting people and helping them achieve their goals, so if you do take pleasure in seeing others succeed, then this really is right for you.  Self confidence is also a key attribute, as you will have to be confident to approach people to market your service, and you must feel comfortable doing this.  Once in a freelance position or if you start your own business you have to start making sales from day one.  The club route is helpful particularly in the early stages as the clubs will have lots of marketing and promotional activities that will assist you.  You are also likely to undergo sales and business skills training from the clubs or PT agencies and this will provide you with key skills in order to be able to fully market your services and maximise your earnings.

Please call our Careers team on 0208 543 1017 if you have any further questions about becoming a Personal Trainer or Fitness Instructor.

Visit Discovery UK for more information on full time personal training courses.

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