Core Strength & Stability Exercise Course

REPs Core Ball Exercise Instructor Course Content:

Core Balls are an considered an established training tool worldwide, and they are always available in  health clubs and leisure centres. Good personal trainers use them in one to one sessions because they offer so much flexibility in training methods. Core ball circuits and Core ball classes are popular on all studio timetables because of the wide range of exercises and for the range of ability levels they can be used with

Core ball instructor is a fun and dynamic training course that will help you broaden your skills as a personal trainer and group instructor. This course will increase your knowledge of core training,
methods, such as balance challenges  and strength work that can be used with virtually all of your clients. You will learn how to use Core, stability and flexibility balls and techniques to develop challenging, enjoyable and varied sessions.

This course will teach you how Core Balls can be used to develop core strength and balance in a class or personal training environment. You will also learn the correct techniques for a variety of Balance, strength and body sculpting exercises and how to link these up into a circuit class or stand alone Core Ball class. Great for training in the gym or at home, you will be able to correctly and safely teach and supervise these skills in a one-to-one training or small group environment.

REPs Core Ball Exercise Instructor Course Aims

The Aim of the Core ball Instructor Course is to develop an understanding of various practical core exercises that are appropriate for improving fitness with clients in a 1-on-1 environment.
By the end of the course attendees will be able to:
Understand how Core ball exercises can be used to develop fitness
Demonstrate competent techniques for all ability levels.
Demonstrate competent techniques for progression, modification and alternatives.
Demonstrate competent techniques for designing a core ball class.
Safely and effectively selection and use of core balls for fitness training

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