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We are currently recruiting new Trainers and it’s got me thinking what is the essence of Personal Training? My conversations with other trainers have thrown up some interesting perspectives on what Personal Trainers should be doing for clients. I can’t give a conclusive answer, but here are my thoughts on the key roles of a Personal Trainer.

I have been a Personal Trainer in Birmingham for eight years. Before that I had worked as a sports coach as well as teaching literacy, helping Young Offenders and in sports development. All these jobs involved a fair degree of relationship-building, but Personal Training is by far the most personal of all these jobs. Maybe that should come as no surprise, the clue is in the name, but I genuinely believe that the better I know a client, the better I can help them.

On many occasions I have found a client’s weight gain is attributable to psychological or habitual practices rather than knowingly eating too much. Challenging and changing a habit or belief has led to a customer not wanting to eat or drink too much alcohol.
Similarly physical pains or weaknesses are more often linked more to everyday habits than to an anatomical failing. Correcting the way someone sits, works or carries things has frequently stopped them having physical problems. Only by having a thorough knowledge of their work, home, family and personal life have I been able to help them achieve their aims.

Another essence of Personal Training is delivering the deliverable. Most women would love a body like Kate Middleton or the toned curves of Beyoncé. Most men (myself included) would like to look like Brad Pitt.

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