How well do you communicate with your clients?

Communicating with Clients – A Guide for Personal Trainers

Like many professions which involve consultation and working closely with clients, Personal Training can only be successful when the relationship between trainer and client is productive. If you’d like to improve your communication and interaction skills, here is a quick guide to communication that will help you to retain clients and attract new ones.

The Trainer-Client Relationship

As a Personal Trainer, your primary goal is to assist clients in maximising their fitness while adopting healthy eating habits, learning good exercise and gym technique, and setting attainable fitness and weight-loss goals for themselves.

Because Personal Trainers are required to consult with clients and train them in a hands-on way, communication is vitally important in this industry. From initial meetings where the client’s fitness level is assessed, to meal planning, exercise planning, and the actual process of training, a number of different skills are called for. These include:

•    Clear communication – Your client trusts you to explain concepts clearly and if you succeed in doing so, you’ll find your relationship progresses extremely well with excellent results.

•    Good Instruction – As a Personal Trainer you have a wealth of knowledge and skills which must be passed on to your clients. By giving good instructions and remaining patient and encouraging, you’ll see your client’s progress by leaps and bounds.

•    Firmness and Encouragement – Personal Trainers need to be firm with clients at times, especially when fitness training and diet changes are concerned. However, you should never come across as high-handed or bullying in any way. A far better approach is to encourage good exercise and nutrition habits in your clients, and praise them for following your system.

Fundamentals of Good Communication

If you sometimes find yourself struggling to communicate something to your clients, ask yourself the following questions:

1.    Would I understand what I have just said if I didn’t know it already?

2.    Did I say it in a positive way which encouraged my client to pay attention and learn?

3.    Was my meaning clear and precise, or could there have been some confusion?

By assessing your own communications like this, you’ll soon find yourself being clear, direct, and encouraging – three excellent traits which will aid your communication with clients immensely.

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