Insanity Workouts at Discovery Learning UK

Insanity workouts have become extremely popular with trainers and gym-goers alike, offering an intensive workout that produces dramatic results. If you’re keen to incorporate the Insanity workout into your training, or would like to know more about this innovative fitness programme, here are a few facts about the Insanity programme and some tips for including it in your training regimen.

What is an Insanity workout?

As you probably guessed from the name, Insanity workouts are intensive, high-energy workouts that are designed to produce great fitness results within several weeks. The workout was first created for Beachbody™ by the well-known trainer and presenter Shaun T, who designed the programme to yield results within just 60 days.

The Insanity workout uses intensive interval training with very short water breaks in-between sets. Cardio, strength training, and endurance components are all included in the workout. The programme is designed to raise the fitness level of anyone who uses it by pushing each user to his or her maximum exertion level during the 40 to 45 minute workouts.

Does it produce results?

The popularity of Insanity workouts, as well as testimonies and online reviews, provide many examples of regular gym-goers who experienced significant improvements in fitness and weight loss using the programme. The intensity of the workout means that more calories are burned during each session than would normally be burned using a traditional gym routine, making the Insanity programme a challenging but effective fitness tool.

Using Insanity Workouts in Your Training

Insanity workouts can provide excellent results for committed clients with some gym experience who are keen to take their fitness to the next level. If you’d like to incorporate the system into your training, make sure that you’ve gone through the programme yourself, and bear in mind that clients with low levels of fitness or health problems are probably not good candidates for this type of intensive training.

More Information on workout courses here

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