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Functional Training vs. Traditional Training

Functional Training experts believe that their method is better than traditional strength training because it emphasises movements which are used in daily life, strengthening the muscles we are likely to use in our day-to-day activities and preventing injuries while toning the body.

They also believe that traditional gym equipment may be harmful to the body in the long-term because of the use of heavy weights combined with the unnatural positions some machines force the body into.

Traditional gym trainers, particularly weightlifters, have come to the defence of their methods, with the pages of many fitness magazines filled with back-and-forward arguments between the two camps.

Traditional trainers believe that their methods help to build strength, stamina, endurance, and muscle tone which will assist every gym-goer in his or her daily activities. They also believe that the constant resistance offered by gym equipment is better and safer than using Swiss balls and other equipment favoured by Functional Training experts.
Is Functional Training More Effective?

Whatever your thoughts on Functional Training, it has to be admitted that training the body in a natural way provides several benefits, including flexibility and less chance of injury. A balanced approach would involve blending traditional training and Functional Training in a weekly workout, to benefit from the advantages of both systems.

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