Level 3 Nutrition for Physical Activity at Discovery Learning

This exceptional Nutrition and Weight Management Course will give you the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver a first class effective weight management service to adults, by promoting optimum wellness through nutrition and behavior modification. The Nutrition and Weight Management Course provided by Discovery (in conjunction with Weight Management Centre) is the most respected course in the UK. Weight Management Centre have been delivering obesity training to Health Authorities and Primary Care for almost 10 years and are on the Department of Health List of Obesity Trainers as complied by DOM (Dieticians in Obesity Management) and all of this experience is filtered into this course.  You will learn a lot from this course.

This course has recently been updated and is now officially called Central YMCA Level 3 Nutrition for Physical Activity Qualification.  As well as the general nutrition and weight management component of the course there is also a small section on sports nutrition which is a useful addition.  This course is the basis for all personal trainers and it will form a useful platform to progress onto one of the clincal level 4 courses such as the Obesity and Diabetes Management.

Nutrition Course Content:

The aim of this qualification is to recognise the skills, knowledge and competence required for an individual to apply the principles of nutrition and weight management to support client goals. This course is designed for those working with or planning to work with clients to help them realise a healthy weight through nutrition and physical activity. It is suitable for physical activity professionals, nurses and community health providers, healthy living practitioners or any person providing community health and wellness support.

Nutrition Learners will cover:
  • Collecting, analysing and utilising nutritional information
  • The principles of nutritional goal setting with clients
  • Providing nutritional advice in line with nationally recommended best practice
  • Applying the principles of nutrition to a physical activity programme
  • Exploring weight management advice/strategies for overweight and obese populations
Nutrition Entry Requirements:

There are no prior requirements for this course. Writing and numeracy skills are also reccomended for presentation of course work.

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