Become an Exercise Specialist – Discovery Learning UK

Earning a Discovery Learning Exercise Specialist Certificate in your specialist area demonstrates that you have the knowledge to provide in-depth preventative and post-rehabilitative fitness programming and exercise routines for individuals who are at risk for or are recovering from a variety of cardiovascular, pulmonary, metabolic and musculoskeletal issues.

By becoming an Exercise Specialist, you will hold a superior qualification that is unparalleled in the industry. You will also be positioned to market your services directly to GP practices, physiotherapists, hospitals, community health clinics, senior facilities and other healthcare organizations. You will then be able to create exercise programs for their patients.

Traditionally personal trainers have been restricted to working with the “apparently healthy” category of individuals. Unfortunately, the number of overweight and obese individuals in the United Kingdom continues to increase at a time when our population is also getting older. Coupled with inactivity, poor dietary choices and related health factors, the result is an ever-increasing number of individuals who are at risk for or recovering from cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes and a variety of orthopaedic issues (such as lower back pain). An advanced Exercise Specialist plays a crucial role in helping these individuals to decrease risk factors and improve health and fitness following a referral scheme.

Becoming an Exercise Specialist will prepare you to provide extensive programming for the most common diseases and disorders seen on a regular basis by personal trainers. This is an incredible opportunity that has been largely ignored and the possibilities for growth and professional recognition are virtually untapped.

Upon successful completion of one of the following qualifications will entitle you to work with referred and special populations to help them achieve active lives and healthy lifestyles.

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