Level 3 Pre & Post Natal Exercise Course

This YMCA Pre and Post Natal Exercise Course is designed for qualified instructors who want improve their knowledge, confidence and understanding of pre and post natal clients. They will become specialist instructors who can address the needs of pre and post natal clients and are likely to be providing bespoke classes and courses for pregnant women and new mums. There is a shortage of such specialist teachers and this course will certainly open doors for fitness instructors and personal trainers wishing to broaden their level of expertise and branch out into a new area of client groups. This pre and post natal exericse course will enable you to apply appropriate exercise approaches and plan/design safe effective exercise programmes. for both pregnant women and new mums and will allow you to be fully covered by your REP’s insurance to take such classes.

Pre & Post Natal Exercise Course Content

Learners will understand and develop their knowledge on:

  • The biomechanical and physiological changes during pregnancy
  • Safe effective exercises
  • The benefits of exercise for pre and post natal clients
  • Planning and designing a safe effective workout
  • Contraindications

Read more on Pre & Post Natal exercise content here

Don’t forget to visit Discovery UK website for more information on personal fitness training courses.

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