Become a Gym Instructor or Personal Trainer

To start your career in fitness you must have a minimum of a REPs Level 2 Gym Instructor Qualification. If you wish to become a personal trainer, you can either become a gym instructor (sometimes referred to as a Fitness Instructor) first then move to personal training. Or, you can fast track yourself straight to personal training by combining the gym instructor course with the personal trainer course. This is often the preferred option for our learners as they can study alongside the same group of people throughout their learning period. On graduation this means that earning potential will then be between £35-£50 per hour straight away. The main requirement to be a successful personal trainer is a passion for fitness and the desire to change people’s lives.  Discovery Learning will do the rest!

Furthermore our tutors and specifically the careers advisors will support and advise you on getting your first role as a gym instructor or personal trainer.  They will continue to work with you until you have the position that you want.  We have a one hundred percent record in placing students that are looking to become freelance personal trainers in clubs in the UK.

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