Become a Gym Instructor or Personal Trainer

To start your career in fitness you must have a minimum of a REPs Level 2 Gym Instructor Qualification. If you wish to become a personal trainer, you can either become a gym instructor (sometimes referred to as a Fitness Instructor) first then move to personal training. Or, you can fast track yourself straight to personal training by combining the gym instructor course with the personal trainer course. This is often the preferred option for our learners as they can study alongside the same group of people throughout their learning period. On graduation this means that earning potential will then be between £35-£50 per hour straight away. The main requirement to be a successful personal trainer is a passion for fitness and the desire to change people’s lives.  Discovery Learning will do the rest!

Furthermore our tutors and specifically the careers advisors will support and advise you on getting your first role as a gym instructor or personal trainer.  They will continue to work with you until you have the position that you want.  We have a one hundred percent record in placing students that are looking to become freelance personal trainers in clubs in the UK.

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Level 3 Pre & Post Natal Exercise Course

This YMCA Pre and Post Natal Exercise Course is designed for qualified instructors who want improve their knowledge, confidence and understanding of pre and post natal clients. They will become specialist instructors who can address the needs of pre and post natal clients and are likely to be providing bespoke classes and courses for pregnant women and new mums. There is a shortage of such specialist teachers and this course will certainly open doors for fitness instructors and personal trainers wishing to broaden their level of expertise and branch out into a new area of client groups. This pre and post natal exericse course will enable you to apply appropriate exercise approaches and plan/design safe effective exercise programmes. for both pregnant women and new mums and will allow you to be fully covered by your REP’s insurance to take such classes.

Pre & Post Natal Exercise Course Content

Learners will understand and develop their knowledge on:

  • The biomechanical and physiological changes during pregnancy
  • Safe effective exercises
  • The benefits of exercise for pre and post natal clients
  • Planning and designing a safe effective workout
  • Contraindications

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Level 2 CYQ Full Time Gym Instructor – Discovery

Full Time Gym Instructor Course Content:

This Central YMCA full time Gym Instructor Course (Level 2 Fitness Instructor courses) is the quickest possible route to qualification in the UK.  No other provider offers an 8 day intesnive course and we can guarantee that we do not compromise on quality.  As an intensive course you will be expected to eat, breath and sleep like a gym instructor and you will be with a group of like minded people in a highly motivational environment. The tutors that will be working with you are the best in the industry and are renowned for their expertise and teaching ability. There really is no better way to undertake this course and on successful completion you will be eligible for REP’s level 2 status and ready to start working in a gym.

The course will be fun and relaxed but at the same time offer a professional and stimulating learning environment. Tutors are with you for any question or to support and encourage your particular learning style.  This fitness instructor training course will also prepare you for onward progression to becomming a personal trainer should you wish to pursue this career route.This Certificate in Fitness Instructing Course (Gym Instructor Courses) will develop students to a competent and confident level to plan and instruct gym exercise programmes within a gym environment, covering subjects including:

  • Anatomy & physiology
  • Kinesiology (how the body moves)
  • Warm ups, dynamic stretching, cool downs and developmental stretching
  • Develop a key understanding of the programming principles
  • How to use functional and innovative gym equipment
  • The use of cardiovascular equipment and the promotion of physical activity
  • Introduction to core and functional training
  • Effective customer care and promoting physical activity

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Affordable Fitness Training Options with Discovery Learning

Discovery Learning is committed to providing affordable, flexible, high quality personal fitness training. As a result we are always trying to find new ways to make our training accessible to all. You can now spread your payments over 12 months to make it easier for you to train while you work.

If you need guidance and support in funding your chosen career path, please email and we will try to meet your needs.

More Supported Funding Options:

•ELCAS—We are approved ELCAS provider for the armed forces and can process any training you are approved for.

•Job Centre—This funding available if you are registered unemployed. We suggest you speak to your job centre advisor who can put you forward to complete a course with us.

•Career Development Loan
—We are approved to accept Career Development Loans. This is a government backed loan scheme with low fixed interest to help learners change careers or develop themselves in the fitness industry. Please call 0208 543 1017 for more information about this.
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Become a freelance personal trainer – Discovery UK

Freelance Personal Trainer

  • Run your own business and work your own hours usually based at a club (this model applies to around 90% of new PT positions)
  • Access to gym members. You may be asked to carry out gym inductions and take group classes such as spinning
  • If you freelance in a gym charges are often fixed for personal training sessions, but the money is all yours
  • You will pay a monthly gym rent which varies club to club and by location – the more affluent the club, the more the rent – but the higher earning potential
  • You are responsible for your own taxes and financial affiars
  • You will be responsible for recruiting your own clients and marketing yourself. Clubs will try to help but ultimately it is down to you
  • There is high earning potential as you can work as many hours as you like
  • You can use the time flexibly in order to set up your own more lucrative activities away from the gym

If you are contemplating a career in fitness, consider this last point – do you like working with people? This may sound obvious but we hear time and time again from people in the industry that failed as personal trainers becuase their personalities were not suited to working with other people. Because essentially working in fitness is all about meeting people and helping them achieve their goals, so if you do take pleasure in seeing others succeed, then this really is right for you.  Self confidence is also a key attribute, as you will have to be confident to approach people to market your service.

Please call our Careers team on 0208 543 1017 if you have any further questions about Personal Training courses in general or any of our courses.

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A Short Scientific Review of Childhood Obesity – Discovery UK

In order to conduct a scientific review on childhood obesity it is first necessary to review the existing evidence base relating to child obesity with particular attention to any consensus relating to modifiable contributors to childhood obesity. Although ultimately the result of an imbalance between energy intake and expenditure, childhood obesity results from a complex set of upstream determinants and is a serious public health problem [1]. It involves genetic, metabolic, environmental and behavioural components that are interrelated and potentially confounding, thus making causal pathways difficult to define, and what works in terms of childhood obesity interventions is still not clear [2]. According to Weiss, [3] “The driving force of the epidemic of obesity in adults and children alike, is a ‘toxic’ environment which leads to maladaptive behavioural changes concerning the food we consume, the amount of physical activity we perform daily and the way we spend our free time.”

In his summary of the volume of research into child obesity intervention and prevention programmes Manfred Muller Editor of Obesity Reviews said: “Faced with the serious trends in obesity, prevention of childhood overweight has become a major topic of research. Accordingly there are many individual studies as well as 44 (!) systematic reviews on prevention of child obesity. Both, trends in obesity and also trends in reviews on obesity prevention are serious. These reviews do not add to the solution of the problem. Thus I consider them as wrong turnings that wasted time… I feel that they will add to a never ending and self-perpetuating story that in addition may camouflage the ‘simple’ answers… Rising obesity is primarily the result of increasing food supply, overvaluation of food and consuming more calories i.e. mostly inappropriate energy dense food [4].

It has been shown that 34% of overweight children aged seven years go on to become obese at aged 11 [5] and weight in childhood is predictive of weight in adulthood, with the strength of association growing with age [6, 7]. Most overweight children and adolescents go on to become overweight or obese adults [8].

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