Study Tips From Student Support – Discovery UK

As a tutor at Discovery Learning I have come across a wide range of learning abilities and competencies in personal training courses.

My learning style is individual to myself and you will also find this as you move through your learning experience at Discovery Learning for full time perosnal fitness training courses. I talk to students every day and the most commonly asked question asked is ‘how do I study?’. If you have been out of education for a while, new to studying or this is a new subject area for you I have complied some top study tips.

My top tips for studying are –

  • Read and make notes, this may seem repetitive but it will help you to remember words and how they are spelt
  • Ask questions; if you don’t understand a topic please contact the Student Support team.
  • Talk out loud; you are training to work in a practical environment where communication is essential. You may have understood the subject but putting it into words is harder than you think.

Stay Motivated! When I was 16 years old I was told I would never make it to university and that maybe I should research other job options. I was determined to get to uni and study Sport and Exercise Science. I didn’t do that well in my A Levels in school so I went back to college to re-sit them. The college environment suited my learning style better and I got the grades to go to uni! My family was proud that I didn’t give up on my dream. I graduated with a Sport and Exercise Science BSc (Hons) and decided I loved uni so much I went back to study for a masters. I graduated with Merit in Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation MSc.

The moral of my story is never give up and that you can reach your goals with hard work and finding the way of learning that suits you.

By, Victoria Clout, Discovery Learning Tutor

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