Level 3 Full Time Master Personal Trainer Course

Full Time Personal Trainer Course Content

This Full Time Master Personal Trainer option including Gym Instructor will start you from the very beginning and take you through to a Level 3 Master Personal Trainer. It is our flagship course and will ensure you are the most eligible employee available.  The course will prepare you to be a high earning individual as well as equipping you for a successful career as a freelance or self employed PT.  With this course you are assured the best possible foundation and preparation for the world of personal training.

The course is split into three sections A, B and C. Section A entails a full time level 2 gym which is spread over 8 days. Section B spans 17 days for the Level 3 Personal Trainer modules and finally Section C, includes a 5 day CPD module; put together these 3 sections take only 6 weeks to complete.

5 Personal Trainer Course Benefits with Discovery Learning
  1. CYQ Qualification (respected & recognised qualifications).
  2. Professionally designed Web site – essential for all new PT’s.
  3. First month of professional insurance free.
  4. Two FREE REPs accredited group exercise CPDs – to boost earning and employment potential.
  5. Strong links with employers so that we can help get you into work upon graduating.

Check details of personal training course here

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