Level 4 Master Personal Trainer Course

Our Level 4 Master Personal Trainer course is our leading fitness course and incorporates a series of levels ranging from beginner to advanced. You can begin this course with no previous qualifications and finish with an array of abilities enabling you to become a top fitness professional. Our Level 4 Master Personal Trainer course will provide you with all the experience and more that you will need to pursue a successful career in your chosen field. We are extremely focused on the different career paths open to personal trainers and will prepare you for whichever route you choose. We can ensure guaranteed interviews for all students due to our established relationships with employers in the industry. Please visit here for the current job opportunities our employers have.

If you are interested in a personal trainer career but unsure of which master route to take then please call our career advisor team who can go through any questions you may have and the employment options open to you.

Level 4 Master Personal Trainer Course Content:

The Level 4 Master Personal Trainer course comprises a variety of courses.

Beginner – The first course you will undergo is Level 2 Gym Instructor. This course will give you the foundation knowledge that you need to begin working with clients in a gym environment and underpin your knowledge of anatomy and physiology and the principles of exercise including health and safety aspects.

Intermediate – You will then progress on to the Level 3 Personal Trainer course furthering your fitness knowledge and permitting you to work one-on-one with clients or deliver group sessions in a variety of environments. Here you will look at nutrition and weight management as part of the course as well as core & functional training, client lifestyle and developing personal training sessions.

Intermediate/Advanced – From here you will then have the option to choose a specialist area, forming your career route. We have 3 options, Club Fitness, Special Populations and Strength & Sports Conditioning, each route consists of five full days of study. To continue on to Level 4 status you will need to complete the special population’s route due to GP & Exercise Referral being the pre-requisite to all Level 4 courses.

Advanced – Level 4 is currently the highest level in the fitness industry and completes your journey to Level 4 Master Personal Trainer status. Here you will choose either a Level 4 course in Lower Back Pain or Level 4 Obesity & Diabetes Management. Each is an advanced course and will aid you in becoming a specialist trainer and enable you to work with niche markets.

This course will certainly set you apart and make you extremely employable. All the employers we work with are particularly interested in students completing these courses due to the vast amount of knowledge they will possess and the skill sets they can draw from.

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Are you forgetting who your clients are?

As a fitness professional, growing your client base is very important, but it’s a mistake that many trainers make investing time and money into this one project alone and forgetting about everything else. Whilst growth is essential for any business to succeed, this shouldn’t take the focus away from the clients you already worked so hard to get.

Retaining your current clients and gaining new referrals through them is a key aspect to your success in the industry so it is worthwhile focusing on this aspect of your business and thinking of new ideas to keep them loyal. Compared to the money you may spend on extra marketing trying to entice new customers, maintaining your existing client relationships costs very little money, if any at all.

Showing your clients you care about their training and succeeding in reaching their fitness goals makes them feel like an individual and will ensure their return. It’s a fairly obvious statement to make but giving your client 100% of your attention when training with them is vital. There is nothing worse than seeing trainers scoping the gym for potential clients or being distracted by phones or the TV during a training session with a client. It’s important to listen to your clients when they talk instead of just nodding your head, they will feel more valued if you can listen and remember and can refer to something they said the next time you see them. It shows you are interested in your client and the more you know about them the better your understanding of them will be, enabling you to improve your coaching abilities toward them. Aside from your client feeling appreciated by you, many other opportunities can arise from finding out more information from your client such as recognition of birthdays – how much would it cost to offer a free session to them on their birthday? You will certainly earn brownie points if you can go the extra mile.

For example, if you feel it would benefit your clients to learn about the different aspects of health and fitness, why not suggest you get them all together for a coffee morning and give them a free seminar on nutrition showcasing your knowledge and offering tips to enhance performance on workout days.

After each session try to always spend a few minutes reflecting on performance and successes so far with your client. However small that milestone may be, recognising it will instil confidence and boost motivation for next time. You can always ask your clients for their feedback too on how you are doing as a trainer ensuring you progress too.

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Level 3 Full Time Personal Trainer Certificate With Gym

Full Time Personal Trainer Certificate Course Content:

Our Full Time Personal Trainer Certificate course will give you the foundation qualifications you need to enter the fitness indusrty. The course consists of Level 2 Gym Instructor and Level 3 Personal Trainer components taking only 5 weeks to complete. This course is also available in a part time format.

5 Personal Trainer Course Benefits with Discovery Learning
  1. CYQ Qualification (respected & recognised qualifications).
  2. Professionally designed Web site – essential for all new PT’s.
  3. First month of professional insurance free.
  4. Two FREE REPs accredited group exercise CPDs – to boost earning and employment potential.
  5. Strong links with employers so that we can help get you into work upon graduating.
Full Time Personal Trainer Certificate Course Format

This Level 2 Gym Instructor will develop students to a competent and confident level to plan and instruct gym exercise programmes, covering subjects including:

  • Anatomy & physiology
  • Warm ups, dynamic stretching, cool downs and developmental stretching
  • Develop a key understanding of the programming principles
  • How to use functional and innovative gym equipment
  • The use of cardiovascular equipment
  • Introduction to body weight training
  • Effective customer care
  • Promoting physical activity to the general public

The Level 2 Gym Instructor course consists of a number of modules:

  • Level 2 Health, Safety and welfare in a fitness environment
  • Level 2 Knowing how to support Clients who take part in physical activity
  • Level 2 Anatomy and Physiology for Exercise and Health
  • Level 2 Principles of exercise, fitness and health
  • Level 2 Gym based practical
  • Level 2 Programme Card Design
Level 3 Personal Training Component:

This Level 3 Personal Trainer course will develop students to an experienced and confident level to plan and implement 1 – 2 – 1 exercise programmes, covering subjects including:

  • Anatomy & physiology
  • Programming principles for personal trainers (including special populations and different environments)
  • Nutrition and weight management
  • Delivering personal training sessions (including functional and portable equipment)
  • Functional Training and Movement Analysis
  • Client Lifestyle & Fitness Appraisal (including lifestyle and stress management)
  • Postural and Core Stability
  • Flexibility Methods
  • Core Training
  • Introduction to Special Populations: obesity, diabetes and asthma
  • Introduction to communication, motivational techniques and behaviour change strategies
Full Time Personal Trainer Certificate Entry Requirements:

There are no pre-requisites for this course, however students will need to be at least 16 years old with a reasonable level of fitness as well as reading, writing and numeracy skills.

Full Time Personal Trainer Certificate courses price includes:
  • CYQ personal trainer course registrations and the full personal trainer qualification
  • All personal trainer training manuals, workbooks and worksheets
  • All CYQ personal trainer course assessments
  • Full CYQ and Discovery Learning Personal Trainer Certification on successful completion of criteria
  • CPD credits on REPs and you will be eligible for full Level 3 Personal Trainer Status
  • First Aid at work Qualification
Full Time Personal Trainer Course Certifications & Qualifications:
  • CYQ Level 3: Certificate in Personal Training (QCF)
  • Discovery Learning Certificate: Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training
  • First Aid at work certifcate
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Staying In Shape During Pregnancy – Personal Fitness Courses

Pregnancy is a time of great excitement, bringing with it physical and emotional changes that prepare every new mother’s body for the process of giving birth to a healthy infant.

While many women and their partners dream of the day when they will become proud parents, the physical changes that occur in the body of a pregnant woman mean that diet and exercise schedules have to be adjusted to ensure a pregnancy that is safe for both mother and child while preventing too much unnecessary weight gain or loss of fitness. The following tips should prepare you for continuing your fitness regime while pregnant:

Should pregnant women exercise at all?

Many women are concerned about the effects of strenuous exercise on their health and the health of their babies while they are pregnant. Most experts agree that women who exercise actively before falling pregnant should continue their fitness regime during pregnancy to ensure a healthy body and good fitness levels. However, the type of exercises that should be undertaken by a pregnant woman will change as her pregnancy progresses.

Considerations for exercise across each trimester:

1st Trimester (0-13 weeks)
Aerobic and resistance training may continue as long as the client feels comfortable and flexibility can remain normal. Care should be taken when getting up from the floor or bench as a lower blood pressure may cause light headedness.

2nd Trimester (14-27 weeks)
Aerobic activities should switch to lower impact such as the bike, walking, X-trainer, swimming or aqua classes. Due to the woman’s changing body shape some resistance machines may be inaccessible and can dictate what equipment can be used. Moderate weights should be used and a stable base of support should be maintained at all times. Supine work (lying down face up) should be avoided. Flexibility and stretching are encouraged but only gentle stretches due to the hormone Relaxin softening ligament joints.

3rd Trimester (28-40 weeks)
Continue with low impact and non-bouncing activities such as walking and swimming.
If using weights avoid isometric work, lifting weights above the head and holding breath during exertion. Supine work should still be avoided and a stable base should be held at all times including when stretching. Gentle stretches should be adopted.

What kinds of exercise are suitable?

Pregnant women should avoid strenuous impact exercises, particularly heavy weightlifting and extreme sports, not only could this cause long term problems for the mother’s body but because there is also a chance of falling and injuring themselves or their babies. Aerobic exercises, especially those which take place in the gym, are usually suitable for pregnant women providing care is taken not to over exert the expectant mother especially in trimester 2 and 3. Resistance bands are also a great way to keep fit and toned as they are so versatile and can be used in the gym or at home and can give you an all over body exercise workout.

Can a woman exercise after giving birth?

The first few weeks after giving birth can be physically exhausting for new mothers, as the physical strain of childbirth combined with unusual sleep patterns is usually caused by feeding and caring for the baby during the night. The American College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists (ACOG) recommend women should avoid all physical stress for 2 weeks (i.e not carrying anything heavier than the baby) and not to resume full daily activities for a minimum of 6 weeks after delivery.  Women who have delivered by Caesarean section are advised not to exercise for 12 weeks after birth to allow for proper healing. There are many benefits of getting back into exercise after giving birth such as improving posture and energy and beginning the weight loss process. Care should be taken with any new exercise programme started after giving birth as there is still susceptibility to injury. Complications such as hormones still present in the woman’s body, weak abdominal muscles and probably breastfeeding will all need to be carefully considered.

If you are planning a baby or have recently given birth, your doctor should give his or her final approval to any exercises you plan to do, working with you and your personal trainer to design a fitness regime that will suit you and your baby perfectly.

If you are interested in learning more about Pre & Post Natal exercise or you are a trainer and have pre or post natal clients, we run a 2 day course in London and Bournemouth explaining the key considerations for pre and post natal clients and designing individualised programmes.

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Study Tips From Student Support – Discovery UK

As a tutor at Discovery Learning I have come across a wide range of learning abilities and competencies in personal training courses.

My learning style is individual to myself and you will also find this as you move through your learning experience at Discovery Learning for full time perosnal fitness training courses. I talk to students every day and the most commonly asked question asked is ‘how do I study?’. If you have been out of education for a while, new to studying or this is a new subject area for you I have complied some top study tips.

My top tips for studying are –

  • Read and make notes, this may seem repetitive but it will help you to remember words and how they are spelt
  • Ask questions; if you don’t understand a topic please contact the Student Support team.
  • Talk out loud; you are training to work in a practical environment where communication is essential. You may have understood the subject but putting it into words is harder than you think.

Stay Motivated! When I was 16 years old I was told I would never make it to university and that maybe I should research other job options. I was determined to get to uni and study Sport and Exercise Science. I didn’t do that well in my A Levels in school so I went back to college to re-sit them. The college environment suited my learning style better and I got the grades to go to uni! My family was proud that I didn’t give up on my dream. I graduated with a Sport and Exercise Science BSc (Hons) and decided I loved uni so much I went back to study for a masters. I graduated with Merit in Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation MSc.

The moral of my story is never give up and that you can reach your goals with hard work and finding the way of learning that suits you.

By, Victoria Clout, Discovery Learning Tutor

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The Benefits of Exercise – Personal Training Courses

Discovery UK provides full personal training courses. Sharing some of the benefits of exercise with you.

Health consciousness has swept across the world in recent years, with more and more people opting to live a healthy lifestyle which incorporates nutritional balance, exercise, and a commitment to overall health through smart lifestyle choices. In this blog post we look at the health benefits of exercise for people of all ages and physical conditions.

Why Should I Exercise?

If you’re faced with the task of beginning your exercise regime, and find yourself staring at your new trainers and gym towel with a sense of dread, you’re not alone. Most people who are just beginning their shift to a healthier lifestyle usually want to know exactly why they should be exercising, and if you’re wondering the same thing here are some of the major benefits of exercise:

• Weight loss and maintenance: regular exercise will allow you to reach and stay at a healthy weight, giving you confidence in your appearance and increasing your overall fitness.

• Lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels: regular exercise help to lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels and stabilise your blood pressure, lowering your risk of heart disease.

• Maintenance of bone density: exercising on a regular basis will keep your bone density high as you age, reducing the risk of osteoporosis and weakening of your bones into old age.

• Stress Relief: people who exercise regularly will find themselves less stressed and better able to sleep than those who do not exercise and lead a hectic modern lifestyle.

• Overall fitness and good health: regular exercise conditions the body over time, contributing to fitness and good health, and reducing the risk of illness as the body ages.

As the points above illustrate, exercise is extremely beneficial for people of all ages and levels of fitness. By taking regular exercise, you’ll be improving your fitness and appearance while reducing the risk of illness, especially as you age.

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Level 3 Full Time Master Personal Trainer Course

Full Time Personal Trainer Course Content

This Full Time Master Personal Trainer option including Gym Instructor will start you from the very beginning and take you through to a Level 3 Master Personal Trainer. It is our flagship course and will ensure you are the most eligible employee available.  The course will prepare you to be a high earning individual as well as equipping you for a successful career as a freelance or self employed PT.  With this course you are assured the best possible foundation and preparation for the world of personal training.

The course is split into three sections A, B and C. Section A entails a full time level 2 gym which is spread over 8 days. Section B spans 17 days for the Level 3 Personal Trainer modules and finally Section C, includes a 5 day CPD module; put together these 3 sections take only 6 weeks to complete.

5 Personal Trainer Course Benefits with Discovery Learning
  1. CYQ Qualification (respected & recognised qualifications).
  2. Professionally designed Web site – essential for all new PT’s.
  3. First month of professional insurance free.
  4. Two FREE REPs accredited group exercise CPDs – to boost earning and employment potential.
  5. Strong links with employers so that we can help get you into work upon graduating.

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